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Congrats Mary Frances and James! Have fun blogging!

For your consideration: AIP's Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy ( is in its first year, and hopes to grow into a useful and reliable resource for info on energy research and energy tech.

Hello from Denver. If I come across any alternative energy info sources, I will send them your way. Do you guys follow the news from NREL? They have a good news room where you could pipe in many different RSS feeds --

Best, Joe

Thanks for the tip, Joe!!!

Thanks for the tip. I will have a look at the AIP's Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy.

Very useful tip!!! Thanks for that!!! I appreciate it.

Have any of you guy's come across zero point energy. I heard a coulpe talking about it's potenetial uses the other day, but I can't seem to find much about it's introduction. The concept seems too good to be true.

In physics, the zero point energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may possess; it is the energy of the ground state of the system. The term "zero point" refers to the observed fact that vacuum fluctuations persist at zero degrees Kelvin.


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