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18 January 2010


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Reece Dano

I agree with this thoughtful list. I would add another characteristic, perhaps under Creativity or Leadership:

* Expansion -- Commit to the expansion of the profession; foster the growth of new careers and establish new positions, especially for newer professionals. Help members of the profession create jobs in industries and places of employment that do not yet understand the value of libraries and information professionals -- especially for small business settings or in developing industries. Be a mentor.

Cynthia Berglez

Reece, I agree with you, but in the current economy this is going to be an uphill battle we aren't likely to win.

It's hard enough to get organizations to fill the librarian positions they've had for years. Think of all those big companies now doing without libraries (HP, Sun etc.). These orgs. understood and valued our skill set. It's very hard for a small company to engage a librarian, when they already have mission critical staff doing the job of the three colleagues who were laid off.

Additionally, senior librarians are reluctant to retire and make room for a younger professional because they're unsure of the future.

It's all very sad but understandable. I think the alignment will help make your argument, provided the marketing is strong enough. Our retooling ourselves is working as well, it's something we have more control over. An organization is harder to change than a librarian. I think adapting ourselves to Knowledge Management, organizational data mining, sorts of positions may be an easier path.

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