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26 February 2010


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Cynthia Berglez

Hi Anne,
I took BASIC in the dark ages, does anyone even remember BASIC? Software companies will find ways to make programing easier. They always do. Those of you who are more technologically skilled than the rest of us can be early adapters and build those data sets. Those of us who lag behind will be finding ways to fit the software into the organizations and make it work, maybe even tweaking free ware.

We do make sense of non-fiction. As you point out we take info. where we can and build it into a product for our organizations. However, we are also a filter for our clients. We give them only what they want from the vast information overload. We put info. into a format that clarifies the data for them. So we also need to understand how to do that. How to make pie charts or bar graphs, to use a simplistic example. So our programing needs are much bigger.

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