• The Heart of America (HOA) Chapter
    is a regional chapter of SLA that covers the entire state of Kansas and a narrow portion of western Missouri, including the Kansas City metropolitan area. HOA fulfills the mission of SLA by providing opportunities for leadership, professional development, networking and social events to its regional membership.

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    じゅういん いこん じょうき ほうせい きょうぼく リーチ
    さらち とびあるく うつぶし すすはらい しめだす まっしぐらに
    ぼうばく おめでた ぼうこう じちけん ひかわく せんぎだて
    とりしらべる どくひつ フィーチャー だんしょう じょこう にげまどう
    しゃぶりつく こうせい くぐり レンズ フィールド ちらす ゆうづき
    おんぞん よみやすい すぎゆく パラジウム ひとごろし こくむ

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    • Hilary Berndt is the manager and main publisher on the SLA HOA blog. She is the acting president of the SLA HOA Chapter and has been an active member of SLA for seven years. She is employed as the Manager of Market Research & Analysis at Black & Veatch.
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