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May 13, 2009


chanel j12

The blahs continued into the second half, where TFC came out fighting and United, as it has all too often, was hung over and drowsy after the break. Give them coffee Tommy! (And please, no Red Bull.) United woke up for the last twenty minutes, but for a handball in the box they would have lost the game, and that would have felt like a catastrophe. As it was, it felt like an unnecessary, but at least entertaining, tie.

Harris Meyer

So it's now January 2010. Where are all the THOUSANDS of people who've died? Oh I know, the medical establishment did such a good job it saved all their lives!

Dr. Harris Meyer

How to Prevent the Flu

It drives me crazy when people think that Mexicans CAUSED the virus.


I don't think there's a greater health risk right now like the h1n1 swine flu virus, the government isn't telling us everything about this pandemic. It will kill thousands more this fall/winter.

Sujan Patricia

H1N1 (referred to as “swine flu” early on) is a new influenza virus causing illness in people. Symptoms of swine flu are similar to those caused by other influenza viruses. Health authorities across the globe are taking steps to try to stem the spread of swine flu after outbreaks in Mexico and the United States. The World Health Organization has called it a "public health emergency of international concern."

ACTOne membrane potential

A very nice information. This information helps the people to think towards the different angle, who are thinking that the swine flu is just caused from the pigs. The are different other factors also involved in swine flu.


Mexico has always been a top destination for plastic surgery. But with the spread of Swine Flu in the country, it may decrease the number of patients wanting to travel in the country.

Patients can always choose to go to other countries instead. They can choose to have their plastic surgery in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, and other countries in Asia.


Not only can't you catch the current swine flu strain from pigs -- it isn't purely swine flu itself! It's a recombinant mix of mostly swine flu virus plus components of both bird flu and human flu. That's one reason calling it swine flu is a misnomer, because no pig ever had this particular virus (until 1 caught it from its infected human pigherder...).

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