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Once I stopped lanhigug at this poor person's review regarding the dangers of leaded crystal, my joy turned to horror. To think that there are people with this level of ignorance is astounding. Not to mention that they still vote, operate machinery and rear children. Ok maybe I'm being a little harsh. Perhaps I'm having a bad day, so I apologize. I am a State Licensed Lead Inspector / Risk Assessor from New Jersey with over ten years experience. I am also a father. Hear this world: There is NO danger of lead contamination from crystal. Not from holding it, playing with it, twirling it or putting it in your mouth. If you eat crystal then you have a psychological disorder and certainly have bigger problems than potential lead poisoning. If your child eats crystal then you my friend are a bad parent. You are more likely to get mercury poisoning from High Fructose Corn Syrup (in almost all processed foods, including Ketchup!). Google this if you have doubts. Enjoy your Crystal and more importantly, your life. Thank You. P.S. Im looking for a reasonable snowflake ornament from 2009, if anyone can help I would be grateful. email:

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