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Unfortunately, yes, there is a lot of loss as we get older, and not just the loss of lives of those we hold closest to our hrtaes. There is the loss of our childhood, our innocence, friends, love, money, jobs, and material possessions. We all feel uniquely different pains for the loss of anything, and no one person can truly say they know what another is feeling.But as we grow older, we learn new ways to cope with the pain of different losses, with the hopes that we never experience that type of loss again. The important thing is to realize and appreciate what you get to keep. Everything from friends and family, to memories and trinkets. Each special in their own unique way.Though I have not experienced anything quite like the loss of Mama, I have experienced my own pain from my own losses. You extended the invitation out to me, and I can only do the same to you. If you ever need to talk, even if it is just to vent, you know how to reach me.

That's a sharp way of tinhking about it.

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