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Jill Hurst-Wahl

Should we start a petition for 2007?

Carolyn Sosnowski

Posted at the request of Kristin Foldvik, CMP, SLA's events director:

SLA is looking into ways to offer wireless for its attendees for future conferences. Wi-Fi access varies in every convention center. In Baltimore, there was only a small radius around the hotspots where it could be accessed. There was not an affordable way to offer the attendees wireless without passing along those costs to the attendees.

In effort to keep a large convention in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, ALA was offered many concessions. One of which was a reduced rate or free wireless access.


Thank you Kristin and Carolyn for the response.

Internet access seems to be an item convention centers think they can charge an extra arm and leg for. Having been scheduled to teach an "hands-on" CE class, I know how much was charged for an Internet connection in Baltimore.

Actually, I'm not surprised to learn that ALA got the free/cheaper wireless as a "favor". New Orleans really need the conventions. It is a very nice favor though...

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