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That Second Life library is great! I think it is going to strengthen real libraries in the real world. I saw something like this in Egypt, when I worked there in the 90s. A lady who had worked in high school libraries in the US before moving with her husband to Cairo started a very small library in a corner of one room in the expat church. It grew. May did it grow! But as it developed and more and more books were donated and purchased by the expat community, this librarian set up LIBRARY SYSTEMS. So when she left, some 10 years later, she had people (black Sudanese refugees and white expats) who knew the rudiments of a library. As a result of that little library refugee and expat communities in Cairo grew in appreciation for libraries and for books. There was a mushrooming effect. I am sure the same will happen in Second Life. Oh, I should add, that the team of part-time librarians got training. Both when they started working with the lady who set up everything, and along the way. Team building programs probably ought to be a part of every library service -- both in this Life and the Second one!

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