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S. Champ


Formally, I would introduce myself as a person who had come to have noticed a page of the SLA's site, in regards to the SLA's efforts about the definition of Compitencies for Information professionals. The URL for the page, such that my attention had firstly occurred to: http://www.sla.org/content/learn/comp2003/index.cfm

I am impressed with the material, there, and what I consider that I may take it as implying -- like a measure of seriousness and grounding, considerable in relation towards a domain that I have been wary about approaching.

It was then, when I went to endeavor to become more familiar with the SLA's site. Ultimately, in a sidebar section on a page to the site, I had found a link to this page, here.

Perhaps to establish some more of a sense of context about the matter, of this visitor to your web log: I had found that first item of the SLA's web site, in coincidence to that I was searching, firstly, for the web site of the Association of Independent Information Professionals -- http://www.aiip.org/ . It happened to be that the text in the page at the SLA's site, it contained text that had matched the search query. I consider that it has been a beneficial coincidence.

The notion, 'information professional', it is like a notion fairly new to me. I know of the term OSINT, have found the term somehow ominous in tone, but it is a term evident across some discourse.

If find it reassurring, to know that the SLA is a presence in the domains of work about information.

With that exposition aside:

Upon reading the entry, above, I was reminded of a matter I had made a reference about, as in regards to agency coincident to journalism. I had thought it might bear reference, here.

It was of a matter coincident to the World Association of Newspapers -- http://www.wan-press.org/ . They had hosted a conference in Seoul, South Korea, last year. It appears that the conference was denoted as a World Newspaper Congress. They made a page about it http://www.wan-press.org/seoul2005/weblogs.php

In reference from that page, then, there was an article it serving to denote some efforts being made in coincidence about blogging, and about the conference of newspaper agencies. The report, http://www.wan-press.org/article7284.html

The writers to the article had mentioned, there, one Editors Weblog -- http://www.editorsweblog.org/

By the end of it, I mean: There are newspapers finding an interest about blogging.

Besides that, there are efforts that might be qualified as constituting 'community journalism'. I am not sure if there would be any few leaders recognizable of it, but there are so-many distinct web-logs, and perhaps some efforts beisde to web-logs, but under a context like of such that may appear as to constitute a 'community journalism'.

If newspapers may be not, firstly, corporate endeavors, but I had thought that the first matter, above, might bear relation, as in terms of coincident association.

Now, I would like to make a personal statement. I am afraid I will not be aware of if there would be any response made on my statement. This forum might not quite support a manner of repsonse-driven discussion, but so it is. I would like to state the matter, while I have my attention directed to it.

Observing the proverbial flood of information produced of information providers -- and sites such as DailyKos, NeedleNose, and furthermore -- it may appear overwhelming, as to whom would intend to try to track any part of the information, and to try to make any sense of it -- perhaps, then, without anyone's personal statements being let as to bias one's own considerations of the matter.

I hope to denote, though while it is beside the first matter : There is a body of people -- I could try to denote qualification for the distinction of whom, but I would certainly miss the mark, in all -- there is a 'we'.

It may be that we may not be working, every, in as information professionals. To whom would come to recognize matters of the matter, however, we might come to derive benefit on consideration of the material -- like of an approach about information, in regards not firstly technical.

I consider that the SLA is not established as if to exclude such a 'we', if such a community. That your focus would be about information professionals, I consider that there is cause to respect it. It is, certainly, the organization's perogative, as to direct the organization's approach.

I had thought that I might try to state the above -- hopefully, not letting it to appear as if I was bothered about the matter, though I have found a concern of it, and hopefully not appearing to become as a bother, as upon my asserting as so.

Certainly, it is beside the matter of those efforts denoted in coincidence to the newspaper-related agency.

I could like to have stated the above in a more appropriate forum, but I am not presently able to afford membership in the SLA. I cannot presume that I may become directly involved with the SLA, at any time that I may determine.

I am glad to know that there is the SLA, as a presence in the domain of vocations about information.

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