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Christina Pikas

That is so not cool. Especially since you won't be able to retrieve your information. Is there a way you can appeal to someone higher at the company? Maybe you can write a letter to the CEO?


A formal letter is definitely one of our next steps. What concerns me so much is that other libraries are spending time on creating and publicizing profiles, and it's likely they'll be shut down at some point, too. We have created a group, UK Library on Facebook, but we have to work on rebuilding the content. Our profile was up to nearly 80 friends (~50 students on campus, the rest librarians or faculty) so it will be hard to get those back. I got a lot of positive response when mentioning our Facebook profile in freshman orientation last month--from "that's cool" to "seriously? wow." Losing the profile is so frustrating, considering we were really using this social network for what it was intended--to reach out to others on campus and to share information about ourselves.


This does not sound very encouraging. That last note from the FB person is not exactly, friendly. I already had misgivings about FB as it was, but I was interested in seeing what some of the libraries were doing. It sounds like we may have to stay away from FB, and lucky us we did not set a profile. I can see it would be frustrating to make the effort only to lose it all. Then again, the disadvantage of dealing with someone else's product.

I got here from the Unit Structures blog.

Best, and keep on blogging.


Angel, thanks for your comments and I hope this doesn't discourage you from trying out Facebook. It's a great tool when used responsibly, and I think libraries should continue to create groups (just not profiles, apparently). I preferred the profile to the group as the profile allows you to display more information, including notes (like blog posts, just not syndicated). The group is growing on me however -- best thing about it is that you can message all members. Might be a good way to start a conversation with your users.

Nancy Kellett

Our library profile at FSU was shut down for the same reason. A group is not a satisfactory replacement.

Hector Escobar

Our profile for the University of Notre Dame Libraries was disabled over this weekend. I have sent an initial email to Facebook administrators inquiring as to why it was disabled, but I suspect the same reasons as those that have already been taken down. A real sad and depressing move on the part of Facebook if you ask me. I would have hoped this tool could have fostered communication between our library and undergrads, but sadly Facebook ruined that idea. Boo on Facebook! And yes, having an insterest group is definitely not a replacement by any means.

Amanda Werhane

Wendt Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was shut down today, too. I had connected with almost 600 students through our online persona, and now we've lost those connections, as well as all Wall posts, notes, events, etc. I'm in a little period of mourning right now...

Lucas Hawkins

I'm really disappointed in facebook over this one. Especialy at the lack of service and politeness of there customer service. I guess it has a lot to do with them being such a young company and being inexperienced with dealing with people. hopefully this will change in the nere future. Meanwhile I think it would be a great idea to start a protest group to raly against this to get the company's attention.

Scott Steele

I'm the coeditor for a college literary magazine. We have a very limited budget and one of the great ways to advertise our online issues and request submissions was through the facebook flyers. I was having trouble with getting one to work and so I emailed their tech support. Now, tonight, I found out with absolutely no warning that we were disabled. I had no clue whatsoever that they had a clause against noncommercial profiles and it seems very unreasonable of them. As well, I had just purchased two other flyers which I very much doubt will run now. It'll be hard to get reimbursed for them if they're not going to run, and also, we're working on a deadline so I won't have time to set them up on my own account until Saturday.
I think the way we and other people who have commented on this site were treated was very unprofessional, and the policy itself is an ill-advised and poorly advertised one.
If anyone here is in or knows of a group that is protesting this policy, please email us about it at "thesiren" at "tcnj" dot "edu".

Brett VanBenschoten

Yet another college library Facebook profile bites the dust. I too, was informed to use the groups section, lol.

Maybe I'll legally change my name to Occidental OxyChatReference. Then I can call it a personal account.

JD MacDonald

I think Facebook should be forced to release your content. According to their TOS, they seem to believe that they can ban you and still own your content. Maybe it's about time for a class-action lawsuit, huh?


close down facebook, its only trouble


Facebook needs to be shutdown!

Gabriel Leblanc

I agree Facebook dose have some harsh terms. But for a student like myself who lives 45 minutes away from my school and friends, Facebook is a very good tool. as long as you follow the terms like every similar site has, you will have no problem. I ask that you stop complaining about the terms and condisions and start to be considerit towards the people who use it for a good cause.

Mr Confused

I'm confused what yall are crying about. It seems you don't understand the function of facebook and want to make sure to use it in a way that doesn't comply with how it was built. Grow up, businesses, bands, other orgs all use it the way it needs and should be used, but you feel since your a public org IE library if gives you right to cry more about why your being censored. I run three different orgs on facebook all setup for different people and they love the result, if you want more for your library take action through facebook applications and create one for the library that gives you access to the things you want most. There has to be someone in your vast network of library friends that has the skills to help you with this if it seems to complicated. I dont feel pitty for you, all this post sounds like is a pity party for you and others who dont understand the facebook system and feel jipped when you try to violate its usage. If i were an admin at facebook, i would have taken the exact same action, if you cant learn to use facebook like everyone else in the millions of members, maybe you should think about not being a part of it, just dont waste peoples time crying about it.

N. A. Courtney

If they sent you a reply stating their policies for having an account on Facebook, and you still want to do things "YOUR WAY", I can't check out a book without a library card, I could take the book and just return it later, but that would be against the law. You're in a library for crying out loud read a law book. If you sign up for a service and agree to those terms that's a contract and you have to abide by the terms of the contract. If you violate the contract your account should be terminated. You want to use the service but you don't want to abide by the terms of use like everyone else. That's a lawless type attitude.


I think a lot of these recent, rather strident comments are missing the point of the original post. Keep in mind that the original post is over a year old, long before Facebook apps even existed.

Our argument was that Facebook should reconsider its terms of service and allow campus organizations the ability to create profiles to better provide information and communicate with interested students. I don't see this as "crying" or as having a "lawless type attitude." Nor is it a "pity party." We have happily continued using Facebook groups for the past year, though we still feel the profile option would be better for everyone involved.

Anthony Browne

Are you aware that Facebook have now made provision for public libraries and other public building to be listed. This gives you back your friends, in the form of "fans" and you can use mini-feeds, info, the wall and the discussion board. Check out Brooklyn's as a good example.
Add your library here

Stacey Greenwell

Thanks, Anthony. We have heard of this--in fact I created a profile for the University of Kentucky the very first day Facebook Pages launched! I have blogged about it on this blog but your comment reminded me that I should probably update this post. Thanks again and happy Facebooking!


historia powszechna

This info is very interesting. Mozna sie duzo dowiedziec, choociaz nie rozumiem niektorych wyrazen :))

J. Davis

I've said it before but I'll go ahead and say it again. You knew the terms provide for a personal profile, and yet you went ahead and made a profile for a whole library? Your reasonings do not hold up. If you knew what the terms were why did you bother? You were practically asking for a ban. I've held a Facebook account for quite some time and I am much happier with it than any other social networking site. I've never had a single spam message (tons on MySpace and Friendster), never had a band try to get me to add them as a friend (tons on MySpace, only one or two on Virb.com) and I'm damn glad for that. So I can't screw around, so what? Facebook is a serious networking site with strict requirements. How many accounts do you think live on every day because they just did the right thing and didn't make an account for a stuffed cow or other inane thing, or a group of people even though the terms forbid it? You knew the terms and you got booted for them, so why are you complaining?

Read a comment saying you added your library to Facebook Pages, awesome! The Pages feature is well deserved.

Nieves Gonzalez

Excuse me, but, I would like to know why you allow some libraries have facebook pages, but another don't. Please, what I have to do for belong to the first group?

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