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Christina Pikas

National Geographic library staff did a session for the DC Chapter about a year ago that was fabulous. I think they are able to get time in their organization's professional studios, though, to record.

David Bigwood

Yes, I've been podcasting weekly for over a year. It is just a reading of the What's New from the LPI library news page. The content is there, I do a bit of tweaking to make it better for listening rather than reading. It lasts about 3 to 6 minuets.

The set-up is very simple. My home computer, Audacity, a very inexpensive Radio Shack mike. I do the RSS by hand, but as a cataloger mark-up is a snap.

If I was going to do interviews, I'd need more stuff, but this works for now.

Give it a listen.

Christine Ponte

I podcast a technology news newsletter (only available on our intranet). I have tried a couple of methods including Audacity, but not being super technical found that to be a bit daunting. I am now working with someone who does the recording and editing for me. I don't interview, but I have participated in group podcasting discussions. This works really well, is very interactive and interesting to listen to. An advantage to multiple voices is that you can have a longer recording and maintain your audience. I have found that one voice can get a little monotonous and try to keep my podcasts short- not more than 5 minutes or so. Music and bumps (coming up next, or stay tuned for...) help break up the flow and help keep attention too. I have also found it a good way to reach a new more technology oriented audience for the newsletter- it increases the readership by giving them a taste of what the content is.

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