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Tracy Maleeff

I'll try to make it. My conference schedule is pretty full that day.

Christina Pikas

I'll plan to be there

Tara Murray

I plan to join you. Thanks for organizing!


I'm planning to be there. Thanks!


Thanks for organizing this. If I do stop by, it will only be for a few minutes as I'll be getting ready for the IT Business Meeting at 2:30 pm. In addition to a program on SharePoint and other tools, we'll have dessert! Hope to see many of you at the meeting.


Ruth Kneale

Thanks for putting this together, Jill! I can come for about half an hour, but I have a presentation at 2:30 (Spectacles: How Pop Culture Views Librarians) so I won't be able to stay for the whole party.

Linda Absher

I'll try to make it.


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