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I want to some discuss about "Web design trends” lot of people ask what's beneficial Web design trends? In a business with help of informative website will be increase customer, and give the good benefit for business.

There I am providing a website with this web site to people know about how to good informative web design

Christina Pikas

I attended a CIL presentation on this -- see the speaker's notes: http://infotangle.blogsome.com/2007/04/02/information-design-for-the-new-web/


I think the overall architecture is most important which I guess maps to your point about usability.
There are lots of different ways to navigate through a site and picking the right one for the context is very important.

Brian's Web Graphics

I was surprised with number 2. I never gave thought to developing with even site impared users in mind. It may be a niche worth looking at. Thanks for providing the info

Philip The Web Site Design Guru

Web design is made up of some basic premises, and if you understand them you can design pages that will impress and illuminate your readers. These fourteen tips will help you create great Web designs that work with your readers and not against them. It's one thing to know how to build a Web layout, but it's something else to know the rules behind designing a layout that works. I this is the enough information about web design, if you want more just search with correct keyword.


i like your post and some of the web design trends that you mention. i will try it out for my site.

Milwaukee Web Design

Great post.

Greg "the McQuay Parts guy"

Still a big fan of content management systems, especially simple ones geared toward smaller sites/companies.

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