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I agree absolutely about including special libraries. We are, I think in many cases, more prepared to try new things because of our special missions.

I'm not sure I agree that special libraries are more likely to have dedicated IT staff, though. We had a chapter meeting yesterday with a technology-focused program, and I didn't get the feeling that any of the libraries had dedicated library IT staff *except* the academic libraries. In fact, one of our speakers works in the IT department at Penn State's library.


Really? At Jenkins Law Library we had our own IT staff and I visited another special library recently that did too - our academic library depends on the IT staff for the entire community - I guess it just depends where you go :)


Maybe it has more to do with the size of the organization than whether the library is special or academic? At the meeting yesterday, we had representation from small special libraries and a large academic library. I imagine with an audience representing larger special libraries and smaller academic libraries, the IT situation might well have been reversed.

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