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Nicole Engard

I have to agree. I didn't use Twitter at all until I got a job working from home - now it's a great way to keep in touch. My preferred method is IM - I have IM open all day to keep in touch with colleagues, so it just makes sense to use Twitter for this as well.

My Twitter ID is nengard.


Like you and Nicole, I work from home and sometimes feel a bit disconnected and twitter definitely creates connections! But just like email, phone, doorbells, etc, I do turn it off when my brain needs to really focus. Could be I lack a strong multitasking gene? :-)


left off my twitter id: grdnldy

Steve Oberg


I agree about Twitter. It's very very very important to use the tool for Twitter that fits you. I've tried several and frankly this is why I haven't used Twitter that much, because none of them really seemed to "fit" how I do things. Recently I tried Twitterfox and I really like it. I also use a Twitter client on my Blackberry and a different one on my iPod Touch. My Twitter id is FamManLib.

Daniel Lee

Great article! Plans are afoot to establish a conference wide twitter page for SLA2008 in Seattle. Stay tuned.

Daniel Lee
SLA Innoviation Lab

My twitter id is: yankeeincanada


The first time I visited Twitter I left the site after just a few seconds. I am giving it a second change and have registered and started using it. Didn't know about the tools though so thank you for the tip.

Daniel Lee

As promised:

Twitter at SLA2008

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