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Alex Grigg

That's kind of ridiculous. This system is pretty analogous to the old terminal systems where many office workers would have dumb terminals that attached to a central server where the processing and data storage occurred. Now NComputing may be smart enough to realize that many modern computers have the processing power of the old servers, but the idea is hardly "innovative."


THis Technology has been purchased by 2000 School Districts in the Past 18 Months. NComputing Products also will save us 99.5% on Power Consumption Cost. A PC Cost us $2 per month to turn on 10hrs a day, 20 Days a month. NComputing costs us 2to3 cents a month. Do your math if all Educational computers start using such a green Technology? Billions saved in just electrical cost. Not to metion many Districts are now paying as little as $15 per workstation for the hardware per user.


Innovation comes in many forms! I'm with NComputing and would agree that the concept of "timesharing" is not new, but there's some great innovation in applying it to the Windows and Linux world, and making it work at such a low cost, with such low power consumption, and with a huge reduction in e-waste.

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