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#slaIT is a good one.

Alex Grigg

I vote for #slaIT or #slait, if it's available. I'd like to stay away from dite since it has that odd legacy "e" that doesn't mean anything and should really go away.

mary lane

slaIT is a good one...

But how many blogs and places do we actually need? How many do we want to check? email works very well for me. I'm on it all day and i don't have to spend extra time logging in to somewhere else.


Good questions. There are actually some that predict that email will soon be dead. I don't know if it's true. It's very possible that Twitter will not last but it is right now a societal phenomena - I think that the Division should explore it, and be a part of, if appropriate. The same for other web technologies.

There is some self-interest here. The hash tag would be for anyone who is on Twitter to "mark" their post if it has to do with the IT Division. So it's not just limited to the authorized authors of the blog. A bit like any subscriber to the discussion list could post an item of interest. But, using the hash tag, we could then identify these posts and analyze their content. That could be beneficial for the Division.

The content of the Twitter account itself will be the same that is on the IT blogs (by pulling the RSS feeds). Just another venue for communicating the same news, not necessarily new content.

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