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Max Busetti

For those who want to contemplate just how much unforeseen turmoil a name change can bring to an organization, look no further than the former Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA). A few years ago, ATLA’s newly-hired chief executive (formerly in the public relations business) decided to run away from what ATLA’s members unabashedly do for a living, and hired his buddies at Fleishman-Hillard to come up with a new name for the group. They settled on the "American Association for Justice." (What exactly does that name mean in relation to what the members do?) The consequences have been nothing short of disastrous for the once-proud organization. Long-time members left in droves, and the organization’s deteriorating financial situation led to several rounds of staff layoffs. SLA is blithely going down the same path, having hired Fleishman-Hillard (at the tune of more than $1 million) to come with a meaningless name that runs away from what its members unabashedly do for a living. So before voting in favor of a name change, I would strongly advise SLA members to study ATLA’s experience in this arena. By the way, the chief executive who pushed for the name change was recently forced out by the board. Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix for the damage he caused.


SLA is blithely going down the same path, having hired Fleishman-Hillard (at the tune of more than $1 million) to come with a meaningless name that runs away from what its members unabashedly do for a living.

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According to me I like the proposed name which is the acronymn for Association for Strategic Knowledge Professionals.I vote for this name.The electroniv vote system of SLA members would enhance the SLA system and develop its standards...


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