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So, where is the cloud process at today in the new year in relation to libraries? Are collections going to be stored in the cloud?

Daniel Cooper

Does anyone have any reviews of Chromebooks?

Larry Baldwin

Very interesting post ...

Daniel Cooper

Any reviews on how the Chromebook could fit into this cloud computing and replace other PC's in the library function?

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Informative post I like it. Reasoning processing is the hot new technological innovation band wagon that everyone is trying to go up on board.

Lisa Mark

Pretty good post so far! I like the lovely note about Chromebook which is informative for me also. Thanks!

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Cloud computing attracts durability from causes that could drive it beyond the rankings of the also-rans. One of the advanced technology which is now obtained in the major corporate sectors and IT departments.


You're right many business also hug cloud computing because it is really hot and very good for business,in Finland most of the IT services also do some cloud computing including online back up services which is now a days most of the business top choice in that place.

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Dianne Clark

I have heard of webinars many times before but it is only now that our school will be doing it. It sounds awkward but I am looking forward to it.

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Tietoturva Ittuki

I agree cloud computing is really hot and because of it many of IT companies in Finland already hug it even there is some issue and some risk on using it.

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