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Certainly I hope a good number of SLAers and friends come to our party. In addition to enjoying the Kimball Museum tour (6-6:30p), partygoers can stay entertained by looking at my photo exhibit (in my flat) showing recent literacy activities at Tijuana orphanages. In fact, I've invited Rosa Maria Gonzalez, Rosy, a TJ librarian who's heading up a bookmobile project to reach underserved populations including orphanages in TJ. Looks like she may be able to come to the party and I hope you do too!

Daria DeCooman

The party was plenty of fun, and I thank everyone for coming! If you missed the event but still want to tour the Kimball Museum, contact its docent Manuel Cavada at 619.336.8454.

If you visit National City, you might also stop by the Stein Family Farm (www.thesteinfamilyfarm.org) or Niederfrank's Ice Cream (www.niederfranks.com).

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