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August 04, 2008


Abe Lederman

Hi Pat,

DTIC Online includes a major upgrade of the MultiSearch application that has been running at DTIC for 5 years now. It uses Deep Web Technologies’ federated search engine in the Federal Science and Technology section of the site. You may have read some press about the new version of MultiSearch on the DTIC Online site implementing clustering, advanced ranking and filtering, and providing links to Wikipedia and EurekAlerts science news. You may not know that MultiSearch includes a real-time search of two popular federated search engines: WorldWideScience.org and Scitopia.org. This gives the user a unique opportunity to find results from over 100 high quality information sources; results that may never have been found otherwise. Unfortunately, MultiSearch is somewhat difficult to find and can ONLY be accessed from under the "Federal S&T" drop down menu at the top of the www.dtic.mil homepage. One can go directly to MultiSearch at the url: http://multisearch.dtic.mil/dtic/.


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