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01 September 2010

Registration for fall meeting is open!

Registration for the fall UNYSLA meeting, Can’t We All Get Along? Consensus Building and Conflict Management in the Workplace, is now open!  See our events page for more details.


Program Highlights: (detailed program, PDF)

Consensus Decision-Making with Pamela Strausser: Consensus decision-making is believed by many in our culture to be the only way decisions should be made. Sounds good, but there are two problems:

  1. While there is very little consensus on what we mean by consensus
  2. There is almost no consensus on how to achieve it.

This interactive workshop will explore decision-making challenges in our culture and processes to make decisions more effectively.

Effective Ways to Manage Conflict in Organizations with Sue Faerman: This workshop will focus on effective ways to manage conflict in organizations.  First, we will look at why conflict can be a healthy part of organizational decision making and identify situations where a lack of conflict has led to bad decisions.  Next, we will examine a framework that provides suggestions for how conflict can be managed productively in organizations and discuss specific techniques for approaching conflict situations.  Finally, participants will have an opportunity to practice one of the techniques, recognizing that the only way to become proficient at a skill like managing conflict is to practice, practice, practice!

Register online today!


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